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Roof & Gable Vents - CR230

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Copper Manor roof vents are fully functional and are handcrafted to the highest of quality standards with 20 oz. copper. Roof vents must be fabricated to match the roof pitch of the structure. Prices are based on a 12/12 or greater roof pitch. Prices will increase 5% per pitch for less of a pitch. All vents include screening to protect from intrusion of animals. The copper will naturally change colors as part of the aging process. Please note that copper will stain surfaces including but not limited to shingles, stucco, brick and stone. These variations add to the character of the old world style.

Patina Options: Verdigris, Brown or Black
Add 10% to Cost. Specify patina finish when ordering.

* Customer will be contacted within 2-5 business days to inform them of shipping costs, patina, or any other options.

* Please call or email us for prices.

CR230-60-18Eyebrow Style CR230Width: 60


If you would like assistance choosing your products or if you need custom items, please give us a call at 417.863.8801 to place your order. Our representatives would be happy to assist you with selecting items and answering any questions you may have about our products.


All products must be paid in full prior to delivery. For other orders, checks may be mailed to Copper Manor, P.O. Box 14186, Springfield, MO 65814. If payments are made by check, expect a delay in processing your order. MasterCard and Visa are also accepted for orders placed by phone or fax to Copper Manor.


All Copper Manor products are shipped FOB Springfield, MO. Standard items are typically shipped within 1-2 weeks. Custom items are typically shipped within 2-3 weeks. Prices listed do not include shipping charges. All shipping charges will be billed to the customer in a separate transaction.


A full line of handcrafted architectural accents are offered by Copper Manor. Our product line includes copper finials, cupolas, roof & gable vents, copper roofing materials (drip edge, flashing), copper guttering & hopper boxes, copper lanterns, copper mailboxes & many more specialty items.